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Sheriff Wright

cover for issue 1 of Sheriff Wright
Illustrator: Jethro Morales
Published: February 2021
Page Count: 24

Sheriff Wright is the debut series from publisher Urban Legends Media! Released in February 2021, this promising title starts off strong with an interesting cast, historic backdrop, and lovely art to boot!

This story follows Marva Wright, a runaway slave who settles into Freedom, Arkansas during the era of Reconstruction. With her husband presumed dead after serving in the Civil War, Marva takes on the responsibility of raising her two children. To do this, she becomes a scout/tracker for the local law. But when a somewhat routine scout goes to pot, Marva is thrown into the throes of a higher responsibility in the little town of Freedom. Will she be able to handle the job? What challenges will come her way?

panel from sheriff wright comic

Jason Medley pens a story of the realistic lives of former slaves who needed to take care of their families and settle into a world where their humanity is still being questioned. Bouts of racism, the trauma of war, and remnants of a somber past in America’s history are all ever-present as the reader takes in the plot. Visual cues are even more vivid, as artist Jethro Morales lends each character personality through expression, action, and a flow of sequential storytelling that meshes perfectly with the accompanying prose.

Sheriff Wright starts off strong with western action, is a delight for fans of historical fiction, and features a Black woman as the leading character. What’s not to love?

For more info about this series, visit UL Media’s website!

panel from sheriff wright comic


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