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The End of the World? COVID-19, my display, & my non-routine.

Okay. It’s probably not the end of the world.

But libraries everywhere are trying to cope with the mess that is COVID-19. There was a lot of confusion, a lot of uncertainty. There’s still a lot of uncertainty, if we wanna be honest.

On a lovely Friday the 13th, my workplace went through so many policy changes with regard to coronavirus & our working status that tensions were high & tears were flowing. Almost a month later, the dust has settled & we’re in the new normal of teleworking, Zoom meetings, pajamas all day, and stay-at-home orders.

Last month, I put up my very first display ever. It’s sorta like a librarian’s rite of passage. The same display cases I mindlessly passed on a daily basis suddenly became a focal point in my attention span–the size of a gnat’s, mind you. It was my turn to put together something that students would also pass by without acknowledging, but you know what? That’s okay. It’s my ignored display. No one else’s.

Will Eisner Week is an event that I’ve been thinking about doing something for over a year now. I got the opportunity to order promotional materials & try to set up something for the students to participate in that would be fun while also teaching them about graphic novels. & while my event idea fell with an audible thud (I’ll rant about that another time), the display would be my baby.

photo of will eisner week display
Will Eisner Week display (I slaved away making that speech bubble!)

Here was the end result. I was proud of it! As an academic library with a pitiful collection of graphic novels, I wanted students to know that someone cares. We’re doing our best. If anything, our new browsing shelves are a testament to the library’s commitment to add new leisurely books to the collection.

My display was supposed to be up for the duration of March. It would give students a chance to look it over–maybe request a title they’d like to see in our stacks. But COVID-19 had other plans for me.

The university shuttered its doors to students & cancelled classes for the rest of the semester (rightfully so), which meant that any prospective eyes would be no longer. Sadly, I plucked away my carefully curated titles & hauled them home with me, where they currently sit in my lil rolling cart.

It still feels like I’m in a library. Kind of.

Anyway, my routine is absolute shit now. As an introvert, I love being away from people to recharge. I enjoy peace & quiet. I like being home.

But…when you’re forced to be home for days at a time, only to leave to get medicines or groceries? It’s a whole ‘nother ballgame.

Right now, Georgia is under a stay-at-home order–but I had to limit my going out anyway because I am around my parents, who are of the vulnerable population. So even not being able to go browse for new books has been…maddening.

I’m fully grateful to still have my job & the ability to work from home, thereby lessening the possibility of contracting this virus. But BRUH. I never thought that I would ever be tired of being inside.

Being on a computer 8+ hours a day.

Sleep has become a battle for me. Some days I can keep my usual routine, while others I am awake well into the early morning hours.

I’m still trying to adjust. It’s a battle, but I’ve helped alleviate anxiety in a few ways:

  • bought a stationary bike. it helps keep my blood flowing, & while it’s not a strenuous workout–i feel much better than just sitting around doing nothing.
  • keeping in contact with friends. discord stays open. having the ability to chat with people who share your interests helps time pass easily.
  • professional development. which i totally get paid for, yay. a skill that i’ve been meaning to learn, but haven’t? watching a webinar on a topic of interest relevant to my work? alladat. it’s like school, but fun.
  • giving belly rubs (or head scritches). dogs, cats, boyfriends. 10/10, would always recommend.

Hang in there! If it’s really the end of the world, at least we would have binged enough of the Walking Dead to know what not to do.

shane walsh, the walking dead. gif: hanging his head, shotgun toted over his shoulder.
i just wanted an excuse to post a pic of my #MCM.

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